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|Glossary of Terms
                            * Features in Detail *

                                            FILE MANAGER

Our File manager has a great range of features to help you manage your files
and folders online 
Download files to your computer
Change file and folder permissions
Create new and edit existing text files
Create new and rename existing directories
Rename, delete, move and copy files
Zip on-the-fly and download multiple files
Upload files from your computer (ASCII and binary)
File listing filter with wildcards
Email files
Upload files from another FTP server
(get a file from URL and upload to your FTP server bypassing your local machine)
Browse directories

Plans Have Over 100 
+ Many more not listed

                                                                          EMAIL CONFIGURATION

Use our vast range of features to configure your email settings
Email Summary This feature allows you to view all your current email settings in one easy view.

Email Forwarding This feature allows you to forward any email address to any email address you
choose, for example a hotmail or address. You can forward one address to up to three different addresses.

Catch All Email Forwarding This feature allows you to forward all email from to any email address
you choose, for example a hotmail or address.

Mail Boxes This feature allows you to add mail boxes to your account. A mail box stores mail on our server until you
download it using an email client like Outlook Express.

Email Filter Logs This feature allows you to set logs for your special filters (junk mail) to be sent to one of your email

Email Distribution Lists Email distribution lists allow you to have a simple form on your website that your users can
subscribe or unsubscribe their email address from. You can then send an email to all members of the list using our
simple system.

Email Autoresponders This feature allows an email address on your account to automatically respond with a specific

Junk Mail Filters Junk mail filters use special technology to strip out junk mail before you receive it, this feature also
allows you set an address to send the junk mail to so that you can check this address to ensure only junk mail is
being caught.

                                                                           WEB TOOLS

Why not use some of our helpful utilities to manage your account?
Scheduled Tasks This feature allows you to enable a program to run automatically on the server, you can set your
program to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions If you have used Microsoft FrontPage to design your website you will need to install
the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. You can also remove the Extensions using this tool.

Website Password Protection This feature allows you to password protect a directory on your website.
By keeping the password a secret you can let only people who have the password into this area.

Edit Website Password Protection This feature allows you to add, remove and update users for an already-password
-protected area of your site.

MySQL Databases MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database server.
SQL is the most popular database language in the world. MySQL is a client/server implementation that consists of a
server daemon (mysqld) and many different client programs and libraries.

Change Your Password This feature allows you to change your password for FTP, FrontPage and SSH.

Backup Your Website This feature allows you to download your website as a zip file, you can use this feature to
make a regular backup of your website in case you lose any data.

Restore Your Website This feature allows you to attempt to restore a backup zip file that you have made using
UK Hosting 4U.

Sub Domains Sub domains allow you to have a new web address for separate areas of your website,
for example you could have and point this at your directory.
You can use sub domains in conjunction with additional FTP accounts, creating in effect simple hosting accounts
with a sub domain and an additional FTP accounts.

SSH Server Access SSH server access allows you to log directly into the server your website is hosted on.
You can manipulate your website files using Linux commands. This feature is for advanced users.

Additional FTP Accounts Additional FTP accounts are most commonly used to give others access to an account
for the purpose of sharing a web development project - without giving them control over the entire website.
By restricting their access to their home directory, you can ensure they can only modify files within this particular space.

Site Submission Submit your site to 10 search engines including Google, Go and Infoseek!

IP Address Blocking This feature allows you to block certain IP addresses from visiting your website.

Website Directory Auto-Indexing This feature allows you to either show the content of your web directories as
file listings or show them as a 403 forbidden error.
                                                                           WEBSITE DIAGNOSTICS

A range of easy to use tools to help you with your website
Web Space Checker Check how much web space you have used on your whole account or specify a directory
within your account to check.

Module List View a list of the Perl and PHP modules installed on your web hosting server.

Paths and Versions View a list of the the paths to common programs and see their relevant version number.

HTML Validator Validate the quality of your HTML using this handy HTML checker.

Perl Validator Validate the quality of your Perl using this handy script checker.

Ping, Trace & Nslookup This feature allows you to ping, trace or nslookup an IP address or hostname.

Raw WHOIS This feature allows you to view the full WHOIS output of a domain name.

HTML Tidy This feature will try to tidy up the layout of a HTML page

                                                                          JAVASCRIPT GENERATOR

Javascripts are great little tools to drop into your website to make it more interactive
Break Frames If a visitor comes to your site and is looking through frames, this script will automatically make the
page break out of frames.

Bookmark Us Allow your visitors to click one text link to quickly and easily add your site to their favourites
(Netscape users won't get any errors but instead get a message reminding them to bookmark).

Set Home Page Link Allow the visitor to set your site as their home page with a link. This works best in Internet Explorer,
but also displays the appropriate information based on browser type.

Logo Branding Have you seen the floating logo on the Geocities site? How would you like to have your logo floating
in the corner of the site? This script does just that!

Frameless Popup Launches a popup window without the windows frame or title bar (Internet Explorer).
In other browsers it launches a standard popup window.

Browser Entry If you maintain a different page for Internet Explorer and another for Netscape browsers, you should
use this script. Quite simply, it sends the right browser to the right browser optimised page.

Language Redirects a user to the page based on their language. For example, English language user browsers,
which report the language as EN in most cases can be redirected to an English page, while Spanish language
user browsers, which report the language as ES it most cases can be sent to a separate Spanish page.

Avenue Search This search form gives you the possibility to search the 42 most popular search engines and directories.
The form is transparent, so you can paste it right on your website to fit your design and it is only one line of HTML code.

Popup Page Once your page loads, after the number of seconds you define, a popup window will open.

                                                                           WEB RESOURCES

Software, clipart, web art, photos, web templates, banners and more, all to help you design your website
Free Software A selection of free software to help you manage, design and implement your website.

50 Premium Website Templates Give yourself a head start! Why not use one of our 50 premium website templates
created by professional web designers.
100 Extra Website Templates 100 fantastic extra templates to use in your business, many of these templates include
the web images in Adobe Photoshop format so you can edit them.

400 Basic Website Templates Over 400 great website templates, great as a starting point for any website.

16 Flash/HTML Website Templates These professional website templates will suit a variety of businesses and include
a Macromedia Flash version or a standard HTML version. Adobe Photoshop files are included so that you can alter
the images if you wish.

100+ Company Logos Over 100 company logos that can be adapted easily for your own use.

Flash Banners Over 100 beautifully designed flash templates which you can use as banners, intros or buttons in any
of your web pages or auction pages.

Banner Templates 100 beautifully designed banners (many animated!), simply edit them to create a striking
banner advert.

Clipart Thousands of images, ideal for any website!


Secure Server Access This feature allows you to accept data securely via your website.

Accept Credit Cards Online This feature allows you to signup for an Internet Merchant account with WorldPay.

osCommerce Shopping Cart osCommerce is a free fully featured shopping cart solution that includes many features
including templates, customer logins and support for Paypal and Worldpay. Please note that this feature will use
one of your MySQL databases.

Agora Shopping Cart Install AgoraCart a free fully featured shopping cart solution

CubeCart is written by a British company and offers a very flexible approach to building your online store.

                                                                            WEBSITE REPORTING

This area includes some great features on analysing the visitors to your website 
Webalizer Graphical Statistics Webalizer is a highly detailed and easily configurable web site statistics package
that analyses the access log files that we automatically create for your website.

AWStats Graphical Statistics AWStats is a powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web server
statistics, graphically.

Log File Download This feature allows you to download your server access log as a zip file, you can then
manipulate the file locally on your PC to get any specific data you need.

Graphical/Text Access Counter & Hits Logger in One This feature allows you to add a plain text or graphical
counter to your website, you also get a full set of statistics for the page the counter is on.

                                                                          CGI/PHP SCRIPTS

CGI/PHP Scripts make your website come alive with interactive features for your visitors to use 
Zen Cart is a popular shopping cart program that puts the merchant's and shopper's requirements first.
Zen Cart has been developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that
think e-commerce could be and should be done differently.

Mambo CMS is a full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to
complex corporate applications.

WordPress Blog is arguably the most popular blogging software available today! It's easy to install and use and
will allow you to have a great looking blog in minutes.

Form to Email This feature allows you to implement forms on your website and receive the results via email.

Photo Gallery This feature allows you to run an online photo gallery, great for sharing your holiday snaps!

Free For All Links Page This feature allows visitors to your site to add a link back to their website.

Website Search This feature allows you to have a search box on your website to help visitors find the web page
that they need.

Guestbook This feature allows your visitors to leave their name, email address and some comments about your

E-Blah Discussion Board E-Blah is one of the best discussion forums available, it has hundreds of features and is
a great feature for any website.

Web Postcards This feature is a great traffic booster, it simply allows your visitors to send their friends a
personalised postcard from your website.

Web Auction
Interested in running a website like Ebay? Start the simple way with this powerful Auction system.

Domain Name Checker This feature allows your website visitors to check the availability of a domain name.

404/500 Error Page Our file not found and server error pages can be configured to email you when an error occurs.

Banner Advert Manager Install a powerful banner advertising program to allow you to run banner adverts on your
website, and includes statistics and reports on the success of your banners.

Java Clock This feature enables you to install a Java clock for use on your website.

Web Calendar Web Calendar is a web-based calendaring and scheduling system for managing personal,
group and corporate events over the internet. It is a full featured online application that allows you to keep
track of your personal appointments, group projects and company meetings.

Web Survey This feature allows you to have a survey on your web page, once a visitor has voted they may see the
results of the survey so far.

Internet Countdown This feature allows you to have a countdown to a specific date on your webpage.

Random Text Displayer This feature allows different pieces of text to be displayed each time a web page is loaded.

Random Images Displayer This feature allows you to show a random image in any webpage from a store of images
you specify.

Tell-A-Friend Our tell-a-friend feature allows people visiting your website to fill in a simple four field form and have
a link to that page of the website emailed to their friend.

Web Ring A Web Ring is a great way of getting more traffic to your website. It allows webmasters of similar sites
to your own to add their link to the ring then each webmaster displays the ring (a system of links) on their site.

Trouble Ticket Express This feature is great for helping you to deal with your customers requests in a streamlined
and efficient manner.

Classified Adverts This feature allows you to run classified adverts on your site, this allows your visitors to advertise
goods or services they have for sale.

Geeklog - The Ultimate Weblog System Geeklog is a 'blog', otherwise known as a Weblog. It allows you to create
your own virtual community area, complete with user administration, story posting, messaging, comments, polls,
calendar, weblinks, and more! Please note that this feature will use one of your MySQL databases.

phpBB phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customisable open-source bulletin board package.
phpBB- has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ.
Please note that this feature will use one of your MySQL databases.


Our easy to use WebMail system enables you to check your email from any Internet connection in the world 
We offer one of the most powerful and flexible WebMail systems, features include your own address book,
search features, customisable interface and scheduling.
You can use our easy to use WebMail system from any Internet connection in the world, simply select the
mail box you would like to log-in to and click "Log-in Now". Alternatively you can specify a username,
password and server name for any POP3 compliant server in the world.
You can also check your WebMail direct from our homepage!

                                                                          WEB BUILDER

A website building tool designed to let anyone create professional, multi-page web sites
Web Builder is a fully featured, Web site building tool designed to let anyone create professional, multi-page web
It features vibrant, professional designs and pre-built templates to speed your Web site development. It is both
easy and powerful. There are plenty of predesigned templates to choose from and it is totally free to use on your
Some hosting companies limit the number of pages you can publish, not us!
You can create as many pages as you like and update them as often as you like. Some of the great features include:-
Simple to Use Web Builder guides you step-by-step, providing simple choices regarding colour, style and images.
There is no software to buy, and no code to learn. In addition, there is no need to mess around with programs such
as FTP or Telnet.

Content and Design Separation The content of the website is stored separately from the layout. This way, you can
completely change the look and feel of their website in six clicks of the mouse, without ever having to retype any

Complete Control over Colour Schemes Web Builder includes a number of built-in colour combinations that look
great with any layout. But if a user wants to add a little originality to their site, all the colours can be changed,
either by using a point-and-click colour picker, or, for even more control, typing in the colour as a hex number.

On-the-fly Image Generation Web Builder dynamically generates the images it needs for each web site design,
so each time you decides to change the colour combination for a page, the layout, or just a button caption,
the necessary image is automatically created. You need not ever bother with complex and expensive programs
such as Photoshop to create web sites with clean and professional-looking graphics: our designers have already
done it for you!

Variety of Pages Web Builder can be used to make many different pages. You can create an online CV, or build a
personal photo album. Everything is done in a simple step-by-step process that is easy to learn and to follow.

One-click Publishing Your website is published with one easy click. But even after publishing, you can go back
and change it as much as they wish. Clicking the publish button again will instantly make all the changes made
be reflected on the "live" version of your site.

Persistence All your information is saved the moment it is entered. If you decide to log out, you can come back
and continue building your website from the very point where you left off.

Complete Control over your Website With the use of Web Builders provided settings, you can make unique and
attractive web sites. For the advanced user, Web Builder provides a way to change buttons on the site.     

                                             Website Builder Plus (additional free required)

Website Builder Plus uses the latest in Website Builder technology to create a dynamic and vibrant site with no technical expertise. Your site will have that "custom" look that is usually reserved for sites that cost a fortune to
create by professional design agencies.

Create Personal Sites, Business Sites, Online Shops and More! 

You can design and edit your site in real time and whether you want to open an online shop, advertise your business, share family photos or start a community forum, Website Builder Plus will allow you to do this without having to write any complicated code.

Some hosting companies limit the number of pages you can publish - not us! You can create as many pages as you like and update them as often as you like.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface
Simple to use five step "point and click" wizard that includes design templates, website page structure, sample text, and a powerful WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor for non-technical users.

Over 500 High Quality Templates
Website Builder Plus includes over 500 high-quality templates with many color variants.

Template catagories include Agriculture, Art and Photography, Beauty, Blogsite, Business, Cafe and Restaurant, Christmas, Computer, Dating, Design Studio, Educational, Electronics, Fashion, Flowers, Food and Drink, Games, Gifts, Hotel, Industrial, Interior and Furniture, Jewellery, Media/Entertainment, Medicine, Motor/Car, Music, Night Club, Personal, Photogallery, Real estate, Sport, Telecommunication, Transport and Travel.

New and Enhanced Modules
Website Builder Plus includes ten modules including statistics reports, photo albums, e-shop, forum, blog, guestbook and much more.

                                                     Glossary of useful terms

Confused by technical terms used, then check out our Glossary of useful terms.                        

½Glossary of Terms½
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