How To Install Wordpress

To install WordPress .(https)

login to Siteworx hosting control panel.
Go to Hosting Features and click on Softaculous.
Click on WordPress and install now button.

Software setup
Choose latest version 5.4.1
choose installation url https://www. where it says directory leave blank

Site Settings
name and description

Admin Account
Admin username - use hard to guess name (do not use admin)
Admin Password - use default or change (good secure name)
Admin email - your email

Select plugins

Limit login attempts - Enable

Advanced options

Leave database and user as default

Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins - enable
Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes - enable

backups not needed as server backs up your site

Select Theme .

click select on the theme you want

Email installation details to - add your email address

Click Install Button

Wait for WordPress to install

Now go to "How to install SLL certificate"

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