Let's Encrypt certificate (Free)

We have available  LetsEncript that will provide you with a FREE SSL certificate, the certificate lasts for 3 month.
It can then be renewed/regenerated again every 3 months for Free. 
Generate a private key, SSL certificate, and SSL chain certificate via the Let's Encrypt certificate authority
Login to your siteworx account,  go to hosting features/domains and click SSL
At top click Generate All With LetsEncrypt 
common name -  select domain name
Subject Alternative Name - hold down Ctrl key and select www.domain.co.uk and domain.co.uk or any other sub domain you want to use SSL on.
click Generate Button
Wait while it generates
There should now show certificate as installed and overview of whats enabled

Read all about it here https://letsencrypt.org/  (ignore the install or get started on there website as its all done from siteworx)

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